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If you or someone you know is looking to build self-esteem , gain positive self-image, enhance self-worth ,help identify potential, encourage you to MOVE in a positive direction, then allow TWIN OF A KIND Foundation to EMPOWER YOU!  TWIN OF A KIND offers a variety of services to meet the need of your child or organization.
Transformational Workshops
Empowerment Programs (Curriculum)
Motivational Speakers/Host
Youth Community Conferences/Events

Transformational Workshops

Looking for a unique way to capture your audience?  Interested in empowerment through real life testimonies?  Seeking a more hands on experience?  Then look no further!  Transformational workshops offer an array of empowerment lessons that addresses bully prevention, self-esteem, beauty/ body image, leadership and entrepreneur skills.

Depending on the need of your community our facilitators can adjust the desired topics to fit accordingly.  Our goal is to actively engage and facilitate participation of each student through real life experiences/testimonies and begin to gain power through a REVEAL.

Transformational workshops can range as small as a class of 15 people to a conference size of 100 or more.  For a more intimate and empowering experience, smaller class size is an option.


We would like to partner with you!  Do you see a need in your community or your organization?  TWIN OF A KIND would like to provide a service for you, to offer a workshop series include 14 enrichment workshops that offer a creative and interactive approach.  This approach is designed to cultivate young people’s ability to effectively navigate through self-efficacy, social skills and emotional intelligence.  The educational curriculum will help youth develop a stronger asset in coping and problem –solving.

Your organization has the option of tailoring your workshop series to meet the needs of your youth by selecting 8 of the 14 topics of your choice, catering to both male and female, ages 6 -18, coed and/or gender specific groups.

Here are some course descriptions.  Please inquire for more details!

The Masks We Wear
What masks do you wear?  We wear masks for many reasons: for fun, for protection or to make a statement.  How do you feel about the face you’re portraying for the world to see? Are you truly yourself? Do you feel that you can be you, no matter what social situation you’re in?  Participants will learn how becoming authentic is a process to begin knowing themselves and embracing their own vulnerability.
Conquering Self-Doubt
What we see on the outside can be different than what is really happening on the inside; many of us are dealing with self-doubt and are losing the battle.  Self-doubt is the root of a lot of challenges faced on a day to day basis and when it’s not dealt with it infects everyone involved.  Participants will encounter true examples of self-destructive behavior and how it impacts them and affects the people around them.
Perception Creators
We have the power to control the way people think of us.  The world will perceive you based on the perceptions that you create for others.  We are creating perceptions by how we showcase ourselves.  You are what you say and do, which surmounts to how you feel and think about yourself is creating perceptions about you.  Our emotions are based on our thoughts or the messages that we tell ourselves.  Participants will engage in self-awareness to unlock the perception that you create for yourself and others.
Why Fit in When You’re Born to Stand Out
Being different is always encouraged but at the same time, ostracized.  A lot of people are afraid of those who are different because it exposes their inability to be an individual.  We all desire to be different and when we don’t have that freedom we get angry with ourselves and begin projecting it onto others. Participants will learn that individuality should be accepted and not judged. They will experience the hurt and pain people feel when they are accepted and how it’s more common than realized.


They both share a unique ability as motivational speakers to motivate audiences with their stories of overcoming adversity and facing impossible odds with events that changes their lives through powerful messages.

With their unique style to inspire and motivate, they bring an engaging approach that allows their audience to connect with the message.  They meet their audiences where they are at by becoming relatable through attire and speech, in order to reach them; they will focus on the following:

  • Self-Esteem & Social Skills
  • Beauty & Body Image
  • Financial Literacy & Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Morale and Effective Team Building

They inspire audiences to move outside their comfort zone to identify and reach their full potential in their inspirational keynotes, and chase their biggest dreams. Twin of A Kind will impart their ideas and enthusiasm, inspiring listeners to make improvements in their lives in order to change old habits and strategies.

With extensive backgrounds in the mental health field as behavior specialist and facilitators, they have worked in a variety of settings such as group homes, residential treatment facilities, afterschool programs, mental health agencies and television.


TWIN OF A KIND Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of our youth of today.  Through coaching, mentoring and transformational workshops we will provide the following:

  • Promote further exploration of participants’ strengths, passions and talents in order to seek continued personal growth.
  • Encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zone and take risks which helps to build self-confidence and healthy self-esteem. 
  • Help individuals learn the appreciation of gaining self-confidence in the manner of poise, grace and tolerance for others through role-playing exercises, activities and modeling.

Each year TWIN OF A KIND invites youth and families, male and female, ages 5 – 18, as well as youth community leaders to participate in our empowerment youth conferences.  Our goal is to increase awareness of social issues impacting youth and young adults; provide resources that empower self-worth/efficacy; and motivate their intellect to ACT, ACHIEVE and become positive vessels in their communities. 

Our youth community conferences consist of guest speakers, empowerment workshops, dance sessions, youth network and fashion/talent showcases.  We also provide a number of educational and empowerment vendors that look forward to connecting with and sharing their resources.  

These special events are brought to you by local businesses in the community, sponsors and donors that share in the same vision of giving back to the empowerment of our youth.  If you or an organization is interested in contributing to our annual youth community conferences, you can either make a tax-deductible cash contribution or an in-kind donation.  With your support and participation, together we can motivate positive change and restoration among our young people. 

If you like to contribute by participating as a motivational speaker, a vendor or talent, please let us know your interest by CLICKING on the Button below!