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Are You Being Bullied?

Let Twin of A Kind Help You!

Can't fit in?

Let Twin of A Kind Help You!

Do you have low self-esteem?

Let Twin of A Kind Help You!
We introduce to you TWIN OF A KIND Foundation (TOAK), a 501c3 non-profit organization that motivates and encourages youth and young adults to see their potential by promoting positive self-awareness and building self-esteem. We work with at-risk youth from various ethnicities, social economic make-up and mental health capacity.  It is our intention to partner with YOU to provide our innovative workshops and curriculum to your clients.

Youth today are experiencing trauma at different rates and trauma can come in all shapes and sizes.  Through the voices of real life testimonies, our youth are moved to change their way of thinking causing them to alter their behaviors and move to a positive ACTION!

TOAK provides a unique and innovative way of engaging their youth through a number of services:  transformational workshops, empowerment programs, motivational speaking/hosting and youth community conferences/events.

Given that trauma is affected by all ages.  TOAK focuses on reaching the young to help eliminate the social issues that impact our youth.  Our target reach is both male and female, ages 6 – 18.  To accommodate the needs of your communities, TOAK is mobile, bringing the service to YOU!

Our interactive workshop series called “Nurturing the Potential of Every Child and Teen” is designed to help individuals to get to know themselves, love themselves, and be true to themselves.  This amazing program teaches youth the importance of self-acceptance and building healthy self-esteem with the incorporation of essential skill building activities; each focused on developing important components of self-efficacy and self-esteem.